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Must-See Pickleball TV – 9/16/18

Simone Jardim: How to Practice 3rd Shot Drives and 5th Shot Drop

Tournament of Champions – Men’s Doubles Pro Gold Medal Match

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 103: Don’t Hit Out Balls, Six Easy Rules

Paddle Position At The Net – How To Defend Body Shots

Must-See Pickleball TV – 9/09/18

Special Announcement – Pickleball Hall of Fame Finalists 2018

How To Hit Your Backhand 3rd Shot Drop On A Dime

Doubles Strategy: A Guide to Pickleball Stacking

Weinbach & Gabrielsen vs Stone & Bar – 2018 Tournament of Champions

Must-See Pickleball TV – 9/02/18

Pickleball Shot Of The Night

Pro Overhead Smash Slow Motion | Tyson McGuffin, Aspen Kern & Jordan Briones

Jardim & Yates vs Tereschenko & Johns 2018 Pickleball Tournament of Champions

Pickleball: “Redirects”, Deb Harrison

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