Chris Allen’s BIG DOG Paddle by Engage

The Story of BIG DOG…

The first time I met Engage founders, Robert & Jodi Elliott, I had a gold medal around my neck, and an Engage paddle in my hand.

2016 Atlantic-South Regionals in Mobile, AL

It was USAPA Atlantic-South Regionals, in Mobile, Alabama.  My paddle of choice was the Encore.

I mentioned to Robert how much the Encore improved my game, but I felt like so much of the handle was wasted on me personally.

You see, I like to choke up on the paddle — similar to the way table tennis players hold their paddles — and have my forefinger and thumb actually resting on the hitting surface.

Fast forward to a day when I’m at home in Asheville, and a box arrives at my door.  Not sure who it’s from, but when I open it up… there’s a paddle in there!

It was a BIG, black paddle, with a super-short handle.  And SO MUCH extra hitting surface, I couldn’t believe it was actually legal to use in tournaments.

But IT WAS — 100% tournament-approved by the USAPA, and still is to this day!

The original, one-of-a-kind paddle Robert & Jodi so thoughtfully made for me.

Turns out, Robert & Jodi took it upon themselves to make me this one-of-a-kind paddle from an old design Robert had filed away.

For me, it was the PERFECT paddle!

No more wasted handle length.  

Now, all that extra space was put to good use where I really needed it — on the SURFACE — which I could then use for extra power, spin, control and blocking capability!

Since the day that paddle arrived on my doorstep, I’ve played every game with it.

Whenever I’m at a tournament… people ask me about that paddle.

Whenever a guest drops by my local club… they ask me about that paddle.

Finally, I called Robert and said…

“I know this paddle isn’t for everyone, but for players like me — who feel comfortable having a finger on the surface — it’s the best paddle ever made.”

If you like your thumb resting on one side of the surface, and your forefinger on the other — BIG DOG is for YOU!

“Two things I love are pickleball and dogs.  I’ve always wanted to do something to support charities that help dogs.”

“Do you think we could offer this paddle to other players, and donate ALL the proceeds to dog charities?”

In under a second, Robert gave me his enthusiastic, one-word reply…


That’s the kind of people they are, and just one of the reasons I’m proud to call The Elliotts friends…

Proud to always walk onto the court with an Engage paddle in my hand…

And proud to offer you this exclusive, signature paddle design, which I know you’ll love…

Chris Allen’s BIG DOG Paddle!

See you on the courts,


P.S. Just between us, another reason I love Engage is the whole “winning medals” thing — that sure is fun!!!  😉

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Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Their Mission…

• To provide a loving home, good food, high quality vet care, compassion and comfort to senior dogs for the remainder of their lives.
• To build a Forever Foster Home network to enable them to place more senior dogs in loving, home settings for the duration of their lives.
• To provide education on the joys and challenges of caring for aging dogs.
• To work with other dog rescue groups to promote the adoption of senior dogs.

Listen to my wife, Jennifer, and me talk with Zina Goodin, Founder of OFSDS, in this excerpt from The Pickleball Show with Chris Allen (click the triangle “Play” button below)…

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